Trips to Morocco

Explore the exotic Kingdom of Imperial cities, mountains, desert dunes and incredible gorges and valleys of Morocco. Whether trekking in the Atlas Mountains, riding on camels, living in a Berber camp, or looking at the influence of the landscape on the local people, we focus on low-impact tourism. We support the local economy whilst retaining respect for traditional customs and ways of life. We use local drivers and English-speaking guides thereby providing them with a sustainable income. Step into Arabian Africa and experience its secret places.

The focus of A level exams includes the option of Hot Desert systems and landscapes (eg AQA 3.1.2): Morocco provides an excellent experience to help ‘foster informed appreciation of the beauty and diversity of deserts and the challenges they present as human habitats’. Part of the trip would include spending a night or two in a Bedouin tent, enabling the student to not only observe the physical systems at work but also how people have adapted to use it for their own communities. We help you get ‘under the skin’ of Morocco to enhance the students understanding as they face the challenge of this A level module.

We aim to take you away from the usual tourist routes to experience the landscapes and culture of authentic Morocco. We partner with a licensed Moroccan tour operator in order to help promote low impact tourism and to support the local economy whilst retaining respect for traditional customs and way of life. Local drivers and guides are therefore employed who are part of their traditional community, thus providing a sustainable income whilst protecting an established way of life.