The main carriers to Iceland are Iceland Air and Iceland Express. Although we operate from Britain, we are able to organise group travel from any place that these two airlines fly from. Look at the flight map to see if you are able to ask for a quote.

Flight Map We will be able to arrange your visit to Iceland starting from the airport that Iceland Air or Iceland Express fly out of. We are not responsible for your journey to that airport, except for the Western Seaboard of the USA and Canada where Alaskan Airways can provide a direct transfer to Iceland Air in Seattle.

The itineraries can be the same or be tailor-made to meet your needs. The cost of the quote will be in your currency. So why not contact us today?

In the UK, Iceland Air flies out of Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and occasionally Stansted. WOWair flies out of Gatwick, Bristol and Edinburgh.

So check out what level you might like and email us for a quote, stating:
Which airport you wish to travel from
Approximate dates
Possible size of party.
Any options you’d like additional quotes for.