Whether you are an Icelandic veteran or not, Izzy Tours can take you beyond the parameters of many tour groups who focus on the south of the island. We organise individual trips that are tailor-made for your group and encourage you to see more of Iceland – dare to be different!

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Each trip is individually tailor made for your group. Whether it is Geography, Geology or just the ‘wow’ factor, different packages can be built to meet your groups needs and interests. Check out the map for some of the different locations available.

Build your perfect package today & experience the wonder of Iceland.

If you’re following the coasts option (e.g. AQA 3.1.3) then including the Snæfellsnes peninsular is a must with its high energy southern coastal section with virtually all the features required by the syllabus, and its low energy, depositional coastline along the northern section. Student engagement cannot but foster an informed appreciation of the beauty and diversity of coasts as they walk along specific sections. Seeing the effect of the types of coasts comparing the north and southern sections highlights their impact on human habitats.

If the glacial option, then you have a choice of areas in which to inform the student’s understanding. Foe glacial erosional features, the Snæfellsnes peninsular has some of the best and easiest seen. The glacier or ice-cap here is a high level one, but it can be reached by 4x4s followed by a snowcat to take you to the top of the ice cap. If glacier walking is needed then the very popular Solheimajokull in the south is best, which also has an impressive outwash plain and pro-glacial lake – although these days it is very crowded. An alternative is to go snow shoeing on snowfields amongst explosion craters.

If you’re following the tectonic processes and hazards option, then Iceland provides more case study examples than any other accessible country to the UK. From Volcanic museums/ centres in the West and South, glacial outbursts from volcanic activity in the South and South East to being able to spend a day on Heimaey climbing a recent volcano and seeing its effects on the local town. (This isn’t easily accessible during winter months). This is apart from the tectonic rifting seen in the South West, North and on the Golden Circle. If you can afford it, then going to the north provides some fantastic examples of craters, recent lavas and the impact on communities.